We have a very large range of Glassware including Savoie Champagne Flutes, Wine and Port Glasses, 5oz. 6 2/3oz.& 12oz. Paris Goblet Wine Glasses, 5oz. Champagne Saucers and Cocktail Glasses.

Beer and Shot Glasses, 5,8,10 & 12oz Slim Jims, Brandy Balloons, Wine Carafes and Punch Bowls.

Gateau Stands, Water Jugs, Oil & Vinager Sets, Rotary Optic Stands, Wine Buckets, Ice Buckets, Beer Steins and Candle Holders.

Our Crystal range includes fine Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses and Decanters, Whisky, Brandy and Sherry Glasses.

Available for small dinner parties.
Crystal range is hand wash only.

All prices are per item per hire period plus VAT.
champagne flutes
Y Shape Cocktail, Saucer Champagne and Savoie Extra Tall Flute from £0.20

Savoie. Fine quality plain wine glasses



This is just a small selection of the range of glassware in stock at our Whittlesey depot.

Balloon & Teardrop Goblets & Centra Tumblers
from £0.15   Balloon & Tulip Goblets & Centra Tumblers
from £0.18

Slim Jims and Beer Glasses Paris Goblets
Slim Jims and Beer Glasses from £0.13 Paris Goblets from £0.13


Glass Bowls

Fine crystal wine glasses

Cocktail Range
from £1.25 | Glass Bowls | £0.80 from £0.30 Cocktail Range from £0.20



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